Why Join?

Some of us are fed up with the ridiculous claims, tenets, and discrimination in archaic faiths.  Some of us follow secular morality but still feel that need for spiritual community.  Others have seen and done things that are inexplicable and found incredible resistance in the academic and medical community.

What we do not do:  Focus on “higher energies”, “raise your vibrations”, or anything that is not demonstrable in a laboratory setting.  Nor do we make claims about various magical people in the sky.  The OI will not endorse violence, unless in self defense.  The OI will not endorse lies.

What we do:  Use our sense of spirituality to harness the power of the unknown.  In the enigma is the glory of discovery, and we pursue it.  We push ourselves physically, mentally, psychically, to be the most powerful humans on the planet.  Oracles have been known to control their body temperature, pupil dilation, skin conductivity, pulse, blood pressure and others with a thought.  Some can hold their breath for minutes, punch through bricks, and do complex encryption in their heads.  We harness the power of modern science to explore our limits, to become everything we are capable of becoming.  Throughout it all, we use our newfound abilities and strengths to help others.  Our spirituality derives from a mix of both understanding the world around us, and being open to mysteries left undiscovered.

Our objective is empowerment.  The grip of abuse, addiction and bullying are our enemies.

Our objective is self-improvement.  Laziness, fear, disease and others will be adamantly resisted.  Vices will be abandoned.  Moral codes will be followed.  Beauty restored.

Our morality is derived from scientific understanding, not from the whims of old desert dwellers.  Gender, Sexual orientation, race, cultural background, are largely inconsequential and unimportant.  Your value as an Oracle is judged on your willingness to help others, and improve yourself.  Thus, all sentience is welcome.

Many denominations and faiths blend well with us.  Buddhists, Wiccans, some Christians, Muslims, and Hindus find our focus and spirituality useful additions to their practices.  They also find peace and comfort in our reliance upon scientific investigation and skepticism.

Some denominations and sects will find us repellent.  Ultra-conservative movements like ISIS, Westboro, and others will attempt to either kill us or oppress us.  They are insects to us.  It would be best advised to regard them as primitive peoples, and avoid interaction on the basis of the unethical manipulation of undeveloped civilizations.

So many people feel alone, ostracized, isolated, or spiritually dry.  This does not have to be the case.  So many feel afraid of their own gods, are abandoned by family for accepting liberal or conservative views, convinced of their validity through atheism and still spiritually thirsty.

No more.  Our collective essays are free on our blog.  They are open to interaction and debate and investigation.  Our moral code and creed is available for revision.  Truth is our driving force, and improving ourselves as fully as possible.  In essence, though Oracles are welcome to worship a god, they are encouraged to become them as well.

Joining our ranks fills a need for community that we all have.  Our Oracles are varied and unique.  Some are daring rebels, pursuing secretive good deeds with a trickster-like approach.  Some are healthcare workers, actively fighting disease and illness.  We even have business people, who are financial gurus during the day, but have taught themselves to lucid dream.

Atheists are particularly drawn to us.  We make no claims about a supernatural being that is impossibly complex and infinite.  Yet, we don’t allow that impossibility to deaden our drive to discover.  Some atheists find perfect comfort in their reason and humanitarian efforts, without the need for a spiritual community.  Others feel dry, barren, and a distinctive pull to the wonders of the spirit.  Even though they can logically deduce that reality is a certain way, there is still a…hunger…

There are no financial commitments.  No risk, and we operate under strict anonymity.