Where to Help

These are places Oracles can go to complete good deeds:

BlahTherapy – An online “listener/venter” relationship.

Volunteer opportunities don’t have to be inconvenient.  There are plenty of little ways to do good deeds, in secret, without anyone knowing.  Try DoSomething and VolunteerMatch.

IdeaList – an excellent source that links local opportunities and volunteers.

Does your local community have a non-profit hospital?  Many have volunteer opportunities, including sitters (patient company), mail delivery, recycling, reading to kids, and others.

Call local schools!  Schools love to have volunteer speakers and demonstrators work with classes to help enrich kids lives.  Many school systems have grants and funding that can be used to compensate volunteers and help them buy supplies for art projects, cultural enrichment, or other clubs.

Start a program.  Are there safe place sign at your community center?  Police station?  Fire Department?

Neighborhood Watch is an excellent avenue for Oracles.  Our objective is to become as powerful as possible, which makes us formidable opponents to criminals.