This page will be subject to change, debate, and update.  With that said…


What do you see, when you look around you?  Undoubtedly a cell-phone or computer screen, a few other humans, a simplistic structure of some kind…

What can you expect from your day?

Is there something more than this?

What is really happening?


Reality is a vast and complex thing to understand.  Even our most enlightened physicists would struggle to actively utilize every single abstract concept.  In fact, the breadth of the subject is so intense…we’ve put together an every growing playlist of excellent videos to help those without a physics background understand it.  LINK.


Understanding reality is a lifelong, habitual learning process.  It is not for the weak or lazy.

If you want to know your potential, and how to change reality, you must understand it.


The reality you see around you is nothing more than a sliver of the electromagnetic spectrum (photons) reflected off of matter.  The position of the individuals photons, and even the matter they bounced from can only be determined withing a certain accuracy.  At some point (the plank length), even the position of matter becomes questioned.

Causality is probable fall of the dice, the unraveling of infinite probabilities.  Coherence is the fog of “who knows” lifting from the quantum landscape and only one reality being decided.

The fog settles again as we pass through time.  The past and present are both…foggy in this way.  Almost like an hourglass, where the observer is at the thinnest part, the present.  And the past and future expand outward, away from us, getting foggier and more distant from our probable orientation.

The present occurs instantly and is over instantly.  The next moment is only ever probably likely.  But even the extraordinary has a probability.

You touch nothing, and nothing touches you.  You are mostly empty space.  You are entirely comprised of tiny quanta and energy.  Those make elements, and molecules.  Those make proteins, which make cells.  Those make tissues, organs, and organ systems.  Those make an organism.  The organism is part of a macro-system of society.  This macro-system is on a tiny blue planet, third from a yellow dwarf star, in an outer arm of a spiral galaxy, in a cluster of galaxies, among billions of galaxies in the universe.  The universe came into existence suddenly and explosively, and no one knows quite how yet.

Probable outcomes, a different life, a different series of events…all have or will occur.  Probably histories, different origins have all occurred.

To see this, you have to “zoom out.”  You can’t just look at the entirety of the world.  Or the entirety of the solar system, galaxy, or universe.  You have to look at those things and their timelines…from the point of beginning to now.  You have to view their different outcomes and arrangements.  Instead of a sky pricked by lights of distant stars…a sky from this point of view would be full of burning sunlight, from the infinite stars surrounding us.

Understand that this is how reality truly is.  All arrangements of matter and energy all exist right now.  Currently.  It is YOU, the observer, who is limited.  We only see cross-sections of time, and a limited wavelength of light.  We only hear noise in a certain wavelength.  We can only detect temperatures within a certain range.  Our ability to smell and taste are drastically impaired.

Our mind is limited.  But, even so, we can use it to conceive this reality.  We can use it to enhance our field of view.  You are dead and alive.  You are here and there.  You are something and nothing.

Probable outcomes are influenced by the current orientation of matter and energy.  Your thoughts are an arrangement of matter and energy.  An affirmative thought about your current situation (I’m reading,) coincides directly with the outcome that occurred.  You think about reality.  When you consider an outcome you desire, with chronic focus and passionate action, you increase the likelihood of its occurrence.

Probability is retroactive and far reaching.  The events you desire may transpire before you begin your “probability altering thoughts.”  What caused me to write this?  Whim? Or you?  Both?  Will you change your thoughts and reality now?  Did reality change retroactively, before committing to changing your thoughts?  Is this excerpt that change?

There are no “higher energies” unless demonstrated in a laboratory setting.  You can not “raise your vibrations.”  Not unless they are clearly define and you increase the oscillations.

Physical laws are strict, uncompromising, merciless, indifferent.  Probability is part of physical law.  Matter and energy are part of clearly defined physical law.  You are part of that physical law.  You can interact with it.

You will die, we all will, probably.  The first person to live forever may be alive now.  It may be you.  If you die here, you do not die entirely.  Every arrangement of matter and energy will occur in a parallel reality.  In one of those, it is probable that you are the one that lives forever.  You can only experience one instance of yourself.  There are infinite instances, in various stages of life.  This particular instance may end, probably.  It is impossible for them all to end.

Accept the ending of this particular instance.  It is, unremarkable.  Did you fear your reality before memory?  Did you remember being a toddler?  Infant?  Fetus?  Zygote?  Two separate gametes?  Does trying to look into your origins scare you as much as looking into your death?  Why or why not?

When did you occur?  When do you stop occurring in this instance?

More thoughts will come.  But to understand reality, we need to be exposed to as many statements and truths as we do questions.  Try to answer them.  Try to stretch your mind.