Pursuit of Knowledge

This will be a collection of studies, links, and files.  They could be of any subject, but ideally they cover the subjects of noetics, physics, psychology, and medicine.

If anyone should ever wish to have an academic journal or article unlocked, please feel free to use Sci-Hub.  It will open in a new window for your convenience.  One must simply copy and paste the article URL and an unlocked version will be returned.  Legally, unlocked articles can not be shown here, but links may be provided.

Some governments may not be friendly to the idea of open information, and privacy.  The abilities we have as Oracles make us targets to some regimes.  They want us for experimentation, violence, to torture us.  In that light, the following links are advised:



If those links don’t work, consider changing URL’s from https to http.

TOR is a VPN network that can, at your request, change its path.  It routes your internet traffic through a maze of servers, then has information passed through an “exit node.”  Thus, any website that wished to monitor your traffic would only see it come from Romania.  Or England.  Or anywhere you wished.  And internet provider would only see a long, dull connection to the entry node.  As long as the traffic is secure (hyper text transfer protocol secured…https), it will drastically reduce or eliminate passive monitoring.  If you are a target of a hostile government, or a skilled hacker, this tool will not help you.  Know your laws.  Do not commit crime.

TAILS is a newer operating system that is functional on nearly any computer.  It is designed to prevent data leaks, encourage encryption, and open source efforts.  It should even work on Raspberry Pi and other affordable hardware.


If hackers were an army, TOR and TAILS would be the shield.  Kali would be the sword.  Kali is a comprehensive network and computer security package.  The tools provided can probe your home network for exploits and weaknesses, as well as your computer.  With it, you can do immeasurable good to protect yourself and your family.  Or immeasurable harm.  To use it, you’ll need an introductory lesson on installing an OS disk image for linux, which is provided on the site free.  Know your laws.  Do not commit crime.

Why all the hacking tools?  Are Oracles hackers?

Some are, yes.  It isn’t required.  Computers are how we communicate now.  Just as ancient scholars would use latin, a codex, or unique script to transfer messages, scholars now use VPN networks, encryption, and hard to crack OS.  Likewise, being so well equipped, we may (or may not) have the unique ability to intercept certain messages, monitor some network traffic, have access to certain…records…  All hypothetical, of course.