OI Charity

Our Charity is democratic in nature, and tied to investment.  This is how it works:

Donations are never required or demanded for our service.

Patrons’ funds are deposited into publicly listed funds that yield a monthly dividend.  The funds are modified and altered depending upon the strength of the investment strategy, and whether the particular company upholds our standards of excellence.  Companies who are determined to be unethical will be liquidated and reinvested elsewhere.

Dividends yields paid to investors at varying moments.  The objective is to have a dividend payment from our donors occur monthly.

The dividend will then be split.

10% Will be reinvested in an effort to keep up with inflation, and stabilize any fluctuations in the market, as well as pay for brokerage fees, and fund fees.

45% will be paid to a family or individual voted worthy of the charity.  This could include strangers, gofundme projects.

45% will be paid to a charitable organization, church, school (or other legal entity) deemed worthy.

0% of the funds will ever be paid to the OI.