Escaping Abuse

Abusive relationships are extremely disarming.

The nature of the abuser is to seize power from their victim, and usurp the victim’s will with theirs.  This is ingrained behavior and it will not change.  The abuser’s world view, self image, and philosophies are drawn from the perspective of stolen power.  There is no corrective action or change that could occur without the abuser suffering extreme trauma.


It is critical to remember that you have power.  At any point, the Abuser (falsely inflated in their confidence) will make a mistake.  They will forget to check for cameras, microphones, or other evidence gathering devices.  They never expect the victim to turn on them.  Abusers are cowards, fundamentally.  They will attempt psychological manipulation, physical abuse, deprive you of financial liberty, use children as bargaining chips, and any manner of darkness.

Please, call.

If your internet use is being monitored, call 1-800-799-7233, TTY 1-800-787-3224

There have been victims who called, were met in secret, and escorted to an independent living facility under the watchful eye of powerful and discrete security.  This includes private security, off-duty police and military.  The perpetrators caught, and power restored to the victims.

Oracles, please use and share these resources.