Become an Oracle

We uphold the highest standards for Oracles.

Oracles are one step above the laity.  These are ordained ministers of our faith, can officiate weddings, and are in the constant process of self-improvement.

Oracles remain anonymous, and do not give their identity.

Oracles are over 13.

Oracles push themselves to become powerful.

They follow our creed.

They may submit recommendations on charitable contributions, and advise us on the ethics of our investments.

To become an Oracle is an important decision, and it is highly encouraged that minors speak to a trusted adult before making commitments to religious organizations.

Step 1.  Read.

Step 2. Create an alias.

Step 3. Submit evidence of one good deed, your alias e-mail, and your credentials of ministry acquired here.  (Please remember to use your legal name for the official ordination.)  The “contact us” form allows us and permits us to contact you in this endeavor.

Step 4. Wait for us to approve your application.  Remember, once we receive your credentials of ministry with your legal name, it will never again be mentioned between us, you, or other Oracles.  Nor should you mention it.  Until such time that you decide to take the step and be a Teacher.  Once you are approved, you will be awarded title of Oracle.

Step 5.  You are to attempt one unsolicited good deed a week.  Look HERE.  You will never break the law of your country of origin, you will never lie again, and you will abstain from tainting your virtue and character.