About OI

The OI is fundamentally, a religion.

Unlike religions of our ancestry, this makes no bold claims about the universe.  Nor does it incite violence against others.

This is a religion of truth, where scientific exploration, verifiable fact, and the efforts of our collective minds are praised above any myth.

Our god could vary.  The Christian God, Allah, a Wiccan Goddess, or nature itself…  Each of us has a personal interpretation of a supreme being(s), or whether one exists or not.  This is irrelevant.  Even atheists marvel at the mysteries of our universe, and pursue understanding in that light.  A god could be beyond those mysteries, the mysteries themselves, or the intrinsic drive to understand our universe.

The OI members, called Oracles, have secret identities that are not revealed.  We do not recruit, or collect tithes.  Money is of no consequence to the success of our faith.  We do good deeds, anonymously.  If we are asked why, or who we are, we may mention the OI at our discretion.

We follow a creed.

We will never lie to you.

We do believe in human potential beyond the mundane.  We do believe in our ability to become stronger, smarter, and healthier.  Our pursuit of understanding, our insights, our wisdom, is matched only by our drive for self improvement.

By perfecting ourselves, we will serve all beings better.  You are welcome to join us.