There is only truth.  Something is demonstrably true, demonstrably false, or as yet unverified.

Decisions should only be made based on truth, and probable statistical outcomes.  Outcomes calculated from objectively measured and equivalent examples.

Nothing should be said to be true that isn’t.


Political discourse is often based upon unverified facts, assumptions, and lies.  Political discourse is necessary because there is a democracy when there should not be one.  The collective minds of an inferior species will only yield an inferior collective.  We must be more than that to transcend our pointless debates.

There is only truth.  Something is, or isn’t.  If we operated mercilessly, uniformly, cohesively on this principle, there is nothing we couldn’t accomplish.


Imagine a future in which we are, borg-like.  Each thought, all information, all communication is instantaneous.  There would be a neural network of human minds operating as a singular entity.  Conflicts over truth or untruth would be resolved instantly with unlimited access to the collective knowledge of our species.  Agreement would be irrefutable, definitive.

There would be, likely, an incredible disparity between those who are linked, and those who are not.  Those who are linked would share hive-like benefits.  Response to the community would be swarm driven.  Kidnapped members would immediately be recovered as all resources and information was harmoniously acted upon in an instant.  Emergency response, resource allocation, infrastructure repair, all done instantly.  Longevity of such linked individuals would be unparalleled.

We see this already, do we not?  With internet access?  Correlation is not causation, and IQ and internet access are correlated by country.  One or the other may have caused its partner.  IQ may have given rise to an infrastructure that is permissible to more advanced technologies.  Or perhaps more advanced technologies boosted IQ.  Or perhaps both occurred mutually.  Data.


Cohesion based on truth.  Neural networking.  This would be a dramatic and defining moment for an emerging species.  It would advance itself by thousands of years, compared to those who were unwilling.  The lazy would immediately be corrected.  The wasteful would be reprimanded.  Untruth would never gain traction.  It would be nearly impossible to sway the group with excess, because all actions and thoughts are shared.  Betrayal would be impossible.


Systems like this have been attempted in the past, but have always failed because of the inability to enforce cohesion.  Individuality has its place.  But individuality has no place in objective truth.


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