Don’t be weak

There is an expectation of mercy.  A reliance upon the goodwill of others.  A cushy society that provides treated water, libraries, public schools and EMTALA.


It is easy to forget the universe is cold and dark.  Life on Earth will be obliterated in less than one billion years.  That means Earth is over middle aged.  In human years, Earth is about 65.  Earth herself is covered in water we can’t breathe in, lava-spewing tectonic plates that smash together.  Microbes, fauna, and flora that all actively compete for resources and could easily kill us.

Then there is humans.  Masters of death.  The only species on the planet that kills massive amounts of its own species without ever having to face them one-on-one.  You are not an exception.  Somewhere, somebody wants to kill you.  It could be ideological, or recreational, or driven by resources.  But somewhere…of the (currently) 7 billion humans, at least one would actively pursue your torture and subsequent death.


It doesn’t matter what ails you.  It doesn’t matter how you feel.  It doesn’t matter whether you have friends or family or a spouse.  Anyone could be alone, suffering in physical agony from some illness, and have declining prospects.  We all will die.  Most likely, we will panic and be afraid when we die.  Even Oracles die.


Yet our species has made it this far…  and we didn’t do it by being weak.  We did it by fighting, clawing away at resources in a blind determination to live and succeed.  We invented, created, killed each other, forgave, united…..  Collectively as a species we are in a mad dash to advance…to become the best.  To thrive.

We all have that hunger….

Use it.  Want it.  Damn the pain.  Damn the solitude…  you are at war.  Against everyone else.  With everyone else.  An unsteady alliance against the forces of nature that will inevitably destroy Earth.  Such a terrible end…and you have self-pity?  You are the victim?


Find what makes you unique.  Find it an run like hell with it.  Because you might just be the one that saves us all.


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