It becomes too easy, to be complacent.  To speak of injustice and be distracted by the self-improvement of our cause.  Our heads stuck in reference books and equations, our bodies ritualistically thrown into gyms and arenas for the sake of improvement…

We can forget why we do what we do.  For the sake of others.

Never should violence be used to exact a cause, and only be used in self defense.  But how do we implement defense?  How do we, when defending ourselves, draw the line between incapacitating an enemy and punishing them?  Are we right to punish?  If a tyrannical aggressor has asserted his will on the innocent under the banner of some false cause, would it be just to stop his attack and additionally punish him?


Sometimes we are caught in this moment, where mercy can be awarded.  In that moment, philosophical conflict, our lessons from studying the entirety of human history, calculations of probably behavioral outcomes, statistics of repeat offenders will pour into our heads as we desperately try to create an algorithm for the ethically ideal action.  All of that is on our best day, when we’ve mastered emotional input, physical exertion, and social pressure.


There is no law to be put forth, no rule that can dictate when mercy ought to be bestowed or revoked.  It may be wise to say this, that most cultures view self defense as an inherent right.  It is understood that Oracles, as caretakers of these cultures, have that same right.  When necessary force is initiated, perhaps the following may be proposed:


Be swift and debilitating.  If the aggressor has used violence to achieve their goals, then…in defense…permanently remove their ability to be violent.  If they’ve used sexual advances, permanently correct the aberration.  If they’ve used speech, target that.  If they’ve used hands, limbs, fingers, eyes….target those.


In defense, use reasonable force to subdue the attacker.  Subdue them.  Subdue their essence as the attacker.  If they’ve used their hands to harm the innocent, destroy their hands beyond repair.  If they’ve used sexual advances…subdue their ability to procreate to such a profound degree that their sexual offenses are ultimately impossible.


If the attack has stopped, no more force is required.  Often, the permanent damage to their various areas will be enough to encourage the cessation of their illegal attack.  If not, be merciless.  If they are relentless, give no mercy.  Only a fool agrees to a cease-fire with a liar.


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