Too often, the eclectic blend of quantum mechanics and…the unknown compliment each other.  New Age philosophies will take the behaviors of the quantum and apply it at the macro level.  While our understanding is developing, and our knowledge of the quantum grows, we have to be careful not to use quantum mechanics as a “god-of-the-gaps” argument.

There IS probability.  There appears to be ways in which we affect it.  There appears to be evidence to suggest quantum states can be maintained in warm environments, previously though much too chaotic.  But this does not mean we should deviate from what is demonstrably true.

“Energy.”  Strange beliefs suggest that there are energies and vibrations.  That people can “sense” one another’s energy.  That we can raise our energy to higher vibrations….

We must be clear.  There is electromagnetic, strong nuclear, weak nuclear, and gravitation.  These are the four fundamental forces, that are (likely) manifestations of the same force expressed at different “zoom” levels of reality.  Energy can be manifested in many ways.  Chemical, potential, atomic….

When we “sense” the energy of another person, though we might all experience this, we must be very strict about our understanding.  What are we sensing?  Humans do emit radiation.  Infrared radiation.  Even visible light (though very small amounts.)  The New Age believers never want to specify, measure, or examine.

We can not “raise our vibrations.”  Not unless those vibrations are specifically defined.  Physical vibrations caused by heart beat?  Yes.  Some sort of strange, loosely defined, esoteric energy of life?  No.

The aim of these people is true.  To harness scientific understanding to maximize our health and satisfaction in life.  Who could fault them for this?  It is an honorable pursuit.  Their ability to harness scientific understanding is…limited.  Instead of tacking the time to pour over the equations, practice and rehearse engineering principles, study mathematics, and learn the obscurities of the field…one idea will be taken and extrapolated to apply to mystery upon mystery.

Please don’t detract from the field.  The pairing of science and….potential…is uniquely powerful.

To mar it with lack of discipline would be a shame.


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