Practice Indomitability

In case anyone didn’t know.

To often, life requires excessive amounts of labor, sacrifice, and mental fortitude.  Soldiers have to press themselves beyond thirst, fatigue, and hunger and perform as well as a fresh start.  Parents work long hours to provide for their children, maintain the estate, and devote their free time to their child’s hobbies.  Police work impossible hours with insane risk, and have to immediately shift their mentality when they see their family.  Nurses work 10,16,24,36 hours without eating and never leaving the patient’s side.

Even when working out, our body is tempted…so tempted…by fatigue and sheer laziness to give up.  Diets too.  How do we fight the impulses?  The will to give up?

Start in small ways.  Try doing a wall sit.  An average person may endure it for thirty seconds.  A stronger person for minutes at a time.  But time isn’t important.  Focus on how you feel.  What is your mind telling you to do?  Are you choosing to give up?

Push yourself until giving up is not a choice, until physically you can no longer do it.  Train you mind to accept the task at hand.  The task is to do push ups, wall sits.  Just one more.  One second more.

There was a farmer who had to move tons of limestone from a creek to a nearby garden patch.  It was such that his tractor wouldn’t be able to pull it out easily, and so he resolved to carry the stones, one by one.  In four hours, his hands were blistered, but every single stone he wanted was moved.  He said he was resolved to move the stones, and the stones mattered.  As tired as they made him feel, each stone was a victory, and he was strengthened by it.

The fatigue in our muscles, the cravings in our head.  The impulses and addictions…  Crave those feelings, be strengthened by them.  If you have to, watch the seconds go by, knowing that you achieved that second.  The pain and the fatigue only increase the value of your sacrifice.

When that little whisper appears to us “Give up.  Just lay down for a second.  One cupcake won’t hurt.  We have meet it in battle.  Cognitive Behavioral Therapy would recommend to anthropomorphize those feelings.  Make the laziness into a person, the cravings into a bully, trying to force you to do something.  An enemy.

Meet that enemy in glorious battle, win.  Just once more.





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