Strategic Submission

There are those we will encounter in our lives who, for whatever reason, seem to be under the impression that they have a right to treat others poorly.  They are abrasive, thrive in confrontation, constantly assume they are the victim, and insist that they are superior.  They will take advantage, hurt others, and gamble on the laws of civil society to protect them.

These types of individuals have gambled successfully that their extermination is more trouble than its worth.  Thus, because they’ve never been physically punished or suffered any repercussions (remember they love confrontation), it has encouraged their idiotic rampage.

So what do we do about them?  We can’t initiate force, cause them to feel pain, or utilize any violence unless it is in self defense.  That would be unethical.  Nor can we break the law.  Nor can we lie to them.  It would seem, these arrogant chunks of inconsequential trash are the Achilles heel of Oracles.  They won’t act violently, so we can’t justify the use of force in their obliteration.  Nor do they cause any harm that merits corrective action.  After all, the feelings of others are not our responsibility.

Character flaws.  The great downfall of so many tragic heroes.  Greed.  Lust.  Arrogance.  Plagued and destroyed so many of the ancient Greek legends.  One of whom has already been mentioned.

These types of fools thrive on inflated ego and validation.  They love nothing more than to have their negative behavior reinforced and seen as a “good” thing.  It helps them justify their entire world view.  Their entire paradigm is based on the concept of the self over society.

We, as Oracles, are obliged to engage.  Ask them for advice, praise them, instill a sense of trust into them.  Submit to their idiotic rules and ideas.  If they want to feel in charge, let them.  This is where having an untarnished reputation becomes so useful, and appropriate speaking is invaluable.  When your word becomes the gold standard of truth and reliability, then people feel discredited by doubting you.  Such a useful thing.

Thus, these self-inflated, egotistical swine will typically take the bait.  They love feeling validated.  This does two things.  Firstly, it keeps that person from harassing you, and instead they direct their venom elsewhere.  Secondly, it allows you unparalleled access to their thoughts and ideas.  Lunch in a dangerous part of town, you don’t care what anyone thinks?  Never mind the sound your car is making, you can handle anything?  Why wouldn’t those two medications be good together, don’t you know best?

Do you see what to do here?  Appeal to their ego, their pride, and reinforce stupid decisions.  This can be so easily done to us as well.  Which is why it is important to not put so much value on pride and ego.  It is okay to be proud of the good things we have done, or proud of the people we help, but to be proud of ourselves for the sake of self gratification…is wasteful.  We shouldn’t and now you know why.

Many fools have fallen due to their stupid reckless decisions.  Typically from a falsely inflated ego.  To quote the movie Dune “Confidence breeds distraction, distraction breeds error.”

Let them make those errors.  Let them lead the team.  Let them take the full responsibility and damage for their decisions.  It is an old tactic.  Put your political rivals in control of such and such administration.  When it inevitably fails, they are ostracized.  When they look to you, their old friend, for support…  They realize abruptly that you were never their friend.

Will they learn to be more careful?  No.  Will they change for the better?  No.  Will they ever want to associate with you again?  No.

A bully falling from great heights is terrifying for the bully.  But it is nothing compared to the freakish realization that their initial rise was of your orchestration.  When you play with them like pawns, anger is not their reaction.  It is fear.

An ancient (but very good video game) mentioned, “Reliance upon others is weakness for the strong, but strength for the weak.” -Thief The Metal Age

In this way, submission is not weakness.  Submission is subversion.











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