Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter….

Tony followed Bethany on Snapchat, but he didn’t respond when Susie sent him an Instagram, so she unfollowed him.  Then he unliked her facebook.  Then…..


These are trivial things.  They are mediums for connection and a limited form of communication.  It is better to stand in battle with two loyal friends, than an army of snapchat followers.

Why do people get so distracted with these pointless pursuits?  What happened to relationships of substance?  We used to look into the eyes of the one we loved and see our destiny there.  We use to band together under principle and value, not cat memes.

To those who still know the old ways, you will be advantaged.  To those who think snapchat will provide you any tangible benefit when you are being threatened with your life…you will be disadvantaged.   Life can be so short, and true relationships can take decades to foster.  Do you have the time to waste on instagram?


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