SuperHero Ethics

Have a look at this site.  There are quite a few philosophical questions and thoughts.  Though there is an apparent political leaning, the depth and inner dialogue is highly valuable.  Perhaps the ethics of being “super” should be addressed.

Oracles (and others) tend to feel a growing disconnect as they improve their minds and bodies.  The more skills they acquire, the more knowledge, the more miraculous they are…the harder it becomes to relate to others.

It is incredibly important to remain in constant communication with people, despite the siren call of solitude.  Perhaps the laity are unable to do multiple levels of encryption in their head, have know knowledge of what the sun is made of, and have no concept of linear algebra.  Some of them can’t run, jump, recite Shakespeare or control their dreams.  Some of them don’t speak other languages, don’t understand atomic theory, cell theory, gravitation, or evolution.  Quite often, the laity are unable to do any of these things.

Oracles, often can.  Oracles can recite Shakespeare in alpha-numeric encryption while running a 5k.  One in particular has an uncanny knowledge of history and can clearly describe events transpiring in nearly every year since the Roman occupation of England, and did so while dismissively flipping half of a telephone pole end over end.  Some have such a precise control of their nervous system that doctors are uncomfortable answering questions about their abilities.

So what do we do?  If all of this is so, socially isolating, why do it?  And when we do, how should we relate to those who haven’t developed yet?

The answers to these are all the same concept.  We do it because it is necessary and logical to better ourselves with the intention of aiding our species.

We become their superheroes because, quite often, that is a name that will fit.  We become their angels.

Everything we do is with the knowledge that we have pushed ourselves hard enough that we are no longer “like them.”  We are capable of more…so much more.  Thus we are justly burdened with a different moral obligation.  We push trucks out of harm’s way, not because we can, but because WE must.  An Oracle is not special, and we don’t view ourselves as better.  Oracles simply aspire to be the correct tool for the job, and for as many jobs as possible.  No superhero ever acts with the intention of glorifying their heroism.  They act because, if they look around, there is no one else available to fulfill that role.

Any person would gladly perform these feats to save an innocent life, uphold the law, uphold justice and truth.  But they haven’t trained themselves to do it.  A DEA agent doesn’t consider themselves a hero.  They are just properly trained for the job, and it is expected of them.

An Oracle is the same way.  Yes, we vigorously train our minds and bodies.  But we don’t do it to become better.  We do it because it is within our capability as humans to maximize our potential.  As we accomplish this, we become slowly, and surely…isolated as the only qualified person available to do the heroic deed.


Relating will be impossible, increasingly.  Few humans will have any interest in swimming underwater for uncommonly long periods of time, and certainly not as a recreation.  Few humans will want to see how fast they can climb a hillside and descend.  Few will want to count how many back flips they can do.  Few will ever want to discuss the mean free path of a photon from the center of a star to its corona, or using immunotherapy to cure cancer.  Few know what our sun is, or even care.  It isn’t that these things aren’t interesting, it is just a matter of perspective.  If the ability is not there, it makes little sense to waste time and energy participating in it or understanding it.

So the necessity of being anonymous emerges.  Oracles are anonymous because, frankly, we need the privacy.  Dilating pupils scare humans.  Holding your breath for too long will scare humans.  There is certainly nothing discrete about feats of strength, memory, or intellect.  It is easier to hide, to stay separate.  To disengage from politics, trivial disputes, or what the latest celebrity diet is.  It is so easy to withdraw and find comfort in the few lucky interactions with other Oracles, and spare ourselves.

But our secret identity as an Oracle remains hidden.  It has to.  Our interactions with others are simplistic, distant, friendly.  What would we even discuss?  We smile, nod, help you with your work, do ours, and pay taxes.  We do everything anyone else does.  But when the car crashes, your heart stops, your bank and belly are empty, and a gun is pointed at you…We do what everyone else needs done.


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