There have been some close calls with two Oracles, in the name of defending truth, who have gotten involved with political maneuvers.

While personally, an Oracle is free to engage in any political movement they wish, and are encouraged to actively participate and stay informed, it is crucial to not mix what we do as Oracles with our personal political leanings.

Truth is our pursuit.  If there is a political leaning with any one fact, be sure that political leaning is expressed independent of our group.

It is difficult to learn when it is appropriate to express truth, withhold it, and navigate a particularly complex political environment.

Keep in mind, our pursuit is truth.  Power.  Exceeding limits.  Helping others.  All of these things can be done freely and purposefully, regardless of any political system.  The most oppressive regimes would be unable to stop us.  The most benevolent governments would be unwilling to.  The politics of the day, to an Oracle, is almost inconsequential.

Do not use our organization or our name to push political agendas.  Consider this a warning.


3 thoughts on “Politics

    • A facebook/social platform is in the works. The complication rests on the structure of the organization, in which Oracles are secretive by nature. A general facebook page will eventually be created where automated updates will occur, as well connecting to others.

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