What is life?  What is alive?

This is a glorious example of the transcendence of the OI.  Oracles must define life within the scope of modern science and understanding.  To do otherwise would be to propagate a lie.  Though we admit that our understanding is subject to change.

Investigate the Wikipedia article here.

There is controversy as to what is alive, and what is not.  Even within the scientific community.

A prion is a simplistic protein that is capable of self-replication, given the machinery for replication.  Many prions are inert, discarded pieces of useless damaged proteins that are replicated rarely.  Others are small, precise, deadly.  Is it alive?

A bacteriophage is a simplistic virus.  It is capable of bonding to a cell, injecting its unique genetic material, and forcing the cell to self-destruct in the process of creating more of the virus.  Is it alive?

A crystal is a formation comprised of a basic element and a few other mineral deposits.  It is capable of growth, breaking off and initiation homogeneous nucleation (not quite reproduction), and creating homeostatic environments.  Is it alive?

Artificial intelligence is capable of replication, conversation through complex algorithms, self modification, memory, and self preservation.  Is it alive?

A star has a distinct birth place, a calculable life span, and may contribute to the subsequent formation of new stars upon its death.  Is it alive?

Let us propose that there are types of life.  The organic carbon based chemical life we find so common on Earth, a byproduct of sustained electrochemical processes that evolved over billions of years.  Perhaps their is non-organic life….a silicon based life.  Perhaps it might utilize electrical charge instead of chemistry?  Perhaps it might have a brain similar to our modern computers and encompass AI?  And let us propose that there are life-like systems such as stars and fire?

What would the role of an Oracle be here?  Much the same as anything…utilize our consciousness and learn as much as we conceivably can.


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