Irrefutable morality

The objective of irrefutable truth, of unquestionable morals is the holy grail of philosophy.  Imagine an ideology, a truth, so profound that no single sentient being could argue with it.  A creed, wherein the followers’ actions were indubitably moral.

Nearly all religious teachings project that they are the ONE TRUE religion.  Then they promptly advocate for the burning of witches, extermination of homosexuals, or the complete genocide of another group of beings for arbitrary reasons.  Any text that recommends these things has value only in a historic sense and is incompatible with sound morals.  Some texts may also say admirable things, in addition to the bad.  However, the position is discredited, and another source should be found for moral guidance.


So how do we attain irrefutable morals?  How do we make it such that, every action you take, is demonstrably the correct action?


Currently it is unlikely.  But unlikely is not impossible, an there is a method to push ourselves closer to that goal.

During the French Revolution, there was a strong push toward an “enlightenment.”  This was a philosophy of governance (both personal and political) that stemmed from the collective knowledge and progress of society.  Some of this political revolution made profound impacts around the world, even shaping the modern democracy of the United States.  The belief was that experience, experimentation, and valid scientific reason could be the basis for truth and moral action.

But there is one critical flaw in this idea.  Its you.

You are imperfect.  We all are.  While peer-reviewed study and scientific method are a solid and useful basis for establishing a universal and irrefutable moral code, our interpretation of that code is dependent on our flawed minds.  Our DISCOVERY of that perfection… clouded by us.

This is what we could expect with a perfect moral system:

#1.  It universally and objectively applies to all sentient life.

#2. Its foundation is based in truth, not myth.

#3. It will change as the practitioners of the system grow and learn.


Think of the religions of today.  Thumb through their archaic pages.  Do they mention cell theory?  Evolution?  Quantum Superposition?  Billions of people grasp onto these bizarre legends…

While the OI are deliberately working to improve themselves, and achieve what others would interpret as “miracles.”  The OI become the legends.  But this is done through practice, scientific study, analysis, experimentation, and hard work.  It is also done with humility and admitting our own limited scope.  Our own ignorance.  For as intelligent as Oracles may be, we are still so limited.

The pursuit of moral perfection will be acquired by using our consciousness as a tool.  Not passively experiencing it.

The passive consciousness would witness a miracle and bow before the miraculous.  A utilized consciousness would witness a miracle and master it for themselves.

When we expand the scope of our intellect, rehearse mathematics, physics, history…When we bombard ourselves with thought experiments, philosophical quandary, paradoxes…our minds grow.  Our understanding encompasses more.  From those heights, we will see just a glimpse farther.

As our technology improves, and discoveries advance, our moral codes must adapt and change to fit them.


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