Visualizing Dimensions

There is a massive amount of information to process before reading further.  It is recommended to have an understanding of dimensions, why the are proposed.

Watch this.

As OI, we master ourselves.  We transcend.

What happens when we transcend time?  (the Movie thought experiment)

The first thing you would “see” is your entire life experience simultaneously from start to finish, like a long time-lapse video.  But, just as we can note differences in time (Breakfast, clock-in, Lunch), as you transcend time, you would note differences in outcome.  You might be provided glimpses or “openings” into a timeline that differed from yours, based on choices or probable outcomes.  Indeed, the edge of the movie screen showing this time-lapse would be a static-filled…blurry echo of other options at each individual moment.  The longer you watched, the larger and more obscure the static would be.  Like an ever-growing movie screen that played your life story, and continually more varied life stories that could have been.

What happens when we transcend probability?  (the Movie thought experiment)

All of those alternative outcomes along the edge of the movie screen instantly become transposed onto the original time line.  Your first minute of life would be relatively predictable and clear, and would increasingly have more and more crystal clear outcomes playing on top of it.  You would know your life story from every possible arrangement of matter and energy from the point of your birth.  It would…be overwhelming.

What happens as we transcend time?  (the city thought experiment)

Imagine you are in a helicopter and you snap a picture of the city below you.  A single car is on main street, its headlights piercing through the night.  It travels five blocks, then turns left onto first.  Your picture represents a single point in this timeline.  When you transcend the fourth dimension, you would see the headlights drawn out in an endless smear of light, mapping the car’s entire route.  In an instant you would see its origin and destination, and all streets it will take instantly.  Branching off would be tiny wisps of light that fade away from main street.

What happens as we transcend probability? (the city thought experiment)

That smear of light has now lit up every conceivable route the car could take, every route.  The single car has made it look, in the fifth dimension of probability, that the city is full of cars.  In reality, it is.  In the fifth dimension, that car occupies all of its probable outcomes at once.

It is useful to think of our limited perspective as an hourglass.  An hourglass on its side that someone is shaking back and forth.  We are in the middle, the pinched funnel where bits of information from other dimensions are zipping through the funnel.  Probable outcomes from our future, and maybe a few probable origins (the sixth dimension) are all fighting for our coherence.  Our mind, physical laws and systems, and our intentions can all help predict what pieces of sand will collapse into our funnel.  This is why intentions work so well over time, with particularly probable systems, when it comes to bringing our thoughts to fruition.

No intention, no matter how earnest, will ever allow our gall bladder to initiate thermonuclear explosions.  It is highly unlikely for gall bladders to explode that way.  Highly unlikely.

However, pupils do dilate, quite naturally.  Traffic lights turn green regularly, and people become millionaires all the time.  These are probable outcomes that could easily happen to us by chance.  We can encourage their manifestation by having our thoughts and intentions tuned correctly.  To an outsider, one who is not OI, or who has not learned this…it would appear that an Oracle has simply willed a green light into existence.  But OI know better.  It isn’t our will imposing itself on reality.  It is an understanding of all probable outcomes, entirely expected and regular ones, and using our intentions to simply…encourage the one we want.

It is akin to watching the life movie and “changing channels.”  Or being inside the car at night and choosing to turn right on fourth.  It is a probable outcome, and our intentions affect it.


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