The Path

What is sentience?  What is consciousness?  What is religion?  What is our potential?  Why do we exist?  Where did we come from?  When does it end?

There are far too many questions to answer in the time provided initially.  However many of these will be revealed, debated, understood.

The most crucial idea to absorb is our inherent potential.  Our physiology, our reality, so intricately intertwined with our minds, opens the door to seemingly supernatural ability.  We, as a species, have been documented willfully controlling our autonomic nervous system.  This includes raising and lowering blood pressure, heart rate, skin conductance, temperature, pupil dilation/constriction, perspiration, endorphin release, lucid dreaming, resistance to pain, abrasion…  The list is endless. With a thought, we are masters of our physical being.

The potential is not simply internal.  Masses of like-minded individuals have correlated their meditation with reduced crime rates.  Random number generators become less random when major world events occur.  Information seems to interact with itself…BEFORE itself.  Studies have been done monitoring our reaction to that information, before it occurs.  No doubt, most of us have experienced a curious incident of improbably outcomes.  Guessing the correct number, thinking of a song and hearing it on the radio, hearing a phrase for the first time (and having it repeated as the week goes by,) wishes and prayers answered, dreams coming to fruition, stop lights turning green (or red) in a highly unlikely act of (in)convenience.

A skeptic, as we must all be, would reasonably explain these away by offering observation bias as an answer.  Coincidence, lucky happenstance.  This is reasonable, and sound to think so.  But if an improbable occurrence is coincidence, at what number of improbable coincidences does the explanation itself become improbable?  Most of us have had these happen.  Some of us have had even more profound experiences.  Some of us have stopped experiencing and started experimenting.  Some of us…

The problem you face doesn’t stop with these events.  More than likely, most of us feel this nagging idea tugging at our minds.  There is something else, a grand mystery.  A spiritual sense, often barely nurtured, begging for meaning and sustenance.  It is impossible for archaic religions to reconcile the spiritual need with the scientific methodology of today.  The Oracles of the Infinite do not have this problem.  We are neither bound by mindless claims and ideologies, nor are we constrained by the conservative norms of academia.

We live in an age of accelerated learning, of endless information available to us.  The OI endeavor to become…everything they can.  To know all, to perform feats beyond the scope of medicine and science.  The OI endeavor to utilize consciousness, not experience it passively.

See what you can do.


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